Collaboration must be driven by values

We know that people in companies are happier and more productive when their work has purpose and is based on a clear set of agreed values. That is why we have defined binding principles for our own team.

Our principles


We are service-oriented.

We provide a fun experience and excellent service for our clients. For us, commitment and professionalism extends not only to serving our customers well, but challenging them. Always in a constructive manner.


Our goal I the best solution.

We focus on the solution, not the problem. Long-term satisfaction is more important to us than short-term profit. We always put the quality and overall well-being first and take the ego out.


Obstacles motivate us.

We work challenges out together and don't give up, even under difficult circumstances. We persevere until we find the right solution. Giving up is not an option.


We believe in team success.

We help and support each other and dare to ask for help. We communicate transparently and understand feedback as an opportunity for growth. We accept mistakes because they help us to keep getting better.


We are responsible.

We always act conscientiously and responsibly in the interests of our team, the customers and applicants we serve and the society in which we live.


Our motivation comes from the heart.

Because we act out of conviction, we give 101% for the common cause. We are forward-thinking and imaginative. Each of us has the power to make the result even better.

Our Responsibility

We assume social and ecological responsibility. That's why we act CO2-neutral and donate 3% of our profit for humanitarian causes.